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En The Darl estamos buscando un Ejecutivo de Cuentas para unirse a nuestro equipo en crecimiento.

Este empleo full-time requiere que el candidato sea creativo y analítico.

El postulante ideal es un comunicador fuerte, capaz de trabajar en equipo, de recibir comentarios y aplicarlos, e interesado en oportunidades de aprendizaje.


  • Contribuir a contenido y campañas creativas, incluyendo idear y colaborar en conceptos.
  • Liderar el equipo y trabajar eficazmente, inspirar y supervisar a los diseñadores, mientras construye y mantiene una fuerte unión en el equipo.
  • Crear y planificar material de marketing digital.
  • Participar en sesiones de brainstorming en equipo.
  • Ayudar a garantizar que todos los proyectos se entreguen a tiempo y dentro del alcance.
  • Tener un propio cronograma del proyecto y documentación.
  • Asistir a las reuniones y represente al equipo de marketing.
  • Coordinar sesiones de planificación y revisión.

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This is not a traditional community manager job.

This is a unique role we’re creating at Podia that combines the disciplines of community engagement, partnership management, and content promotion to help creators all over the world turn their passion into income.

In any given day, you might be:

  • Working on promotion strategy for an upcoming article about online course pricing
  • Participating in a Reddit thread sharing ideas about webinar marketing
  • Emailing 20 partners, whom you’ve spent months building relationships with, to let them know about a new YouTube series we’ve launched
  • Watching Twitter for conversations about best membership platforms, and joining the dialogue to help members choose the right product for them

If that sounds like a mixed bag you’d be excited to open, then read on

At Podia, we’re building the most creator-friendly platform on the planet to help people sell online courses, memberships, webinars, and digital downloads to their audience.

The online business content world is a noisy one, overflowing with clickbait content promising quick riches for little work…as long as you buy today.

To top it all off, these predatory publishers promote their content with canned mass emails begging for backlinks, spamming online communities, and generally “look-at-meeee!”-ing their way to mediocrity.

We do things differently.

Our team:

  • Protects online creators from shallow, predatory content
  • Shows them what they’re actually capable of achieving
  • Helps them do the work required to move forward, whether they’re building their first product or planning their 50th launch
  • Removes the obstacles standing in their way, and leads our creators to success

We’re looking for someone to help our content and our product reach more creators with extreme empathy, generosity, and a focus on the long game of building deep relationships with the people who can benefit from — and help to amplify — our content.

If you share our passion for helping creators earn money doing what they love, and you’re excited by the idea of spending your days practicing ethical permission marketing to get Podia’s hard work into the hands of as many creators as possible, then we’d love to chat!

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Develop and execute a custom-built promotion strategy for every single content piece we publish (3-6 articles and 1-2 YouTube videos) per week, including social media posts, outreach emails, community engagement, and anything else you deem strategically important.
  • Find and participate in the communities, social media groups, Quora threads, podcasts, and Slack channels that creators use, adding value for everyone you come into contact with along the way.
  • Build relationships with influencers and publishers in our space long before we ever ask them to share our content, so that when we do, they’ll know it’s because we truly feel they’ll benefit from it.
  • Let brands and creators we mention in our content know about it, and make it easy for them to share our work.
  • Set up searches on social media for people asking questions that our content answers, and when something comes up, be the first to help.
  • Own our social media feeds, and maintain an ongoing promotion calendar to ensure that our old content is regularly being surfaced and talked about.
  • Track promotion efforts and success, and report on it to the team.
  • Close the feedback loop with our content team as the “voice of the community”, so they know what types of content people are asking for, and what we can do to help.
  • As needed, help with promotion and community engagement outside of the content team, such as with major product launches, virtual events, and other important announcements.


We’re looking for someone with:

  • Full-time availability. We love freelancers, but this is a full-time job for someone who wants to be a key player on our team for the long-haul.
  • Extreme organizational skills and an appetite for managing and prioritizing many moving parts, campaigns, and ongoing threads at once
  • A friendly, outgoing personality. Creator-friendliness is one of our principles at Podia, but for this role, you’ll need to be really friendly as an ambassador of the Podia brand to the people our entire team is working hard to serve
  • Patience and long-term thinking. While you’ll be expected to contribute from day one, much of what you’ll be asked to do — building relationships with influential content creators, for example — will require months of work, follow-up, and creatively adding value. You need to be in it for the long-haul
  • Have 1+ year experience working in a remote environment
  • 3+ years experience in a role (or combination of roles) that combines the key skills required to do the tasks outlined above. For example, community management, partnership management, content distribution, or anything similar

It’d be REALLY great if you also:

  • Have created and/or sold an online course, membership, or download before
  • Have worked with digital creators before


Here’s what you’ll get if you join us:

  • Competitive salary
  • Equity in a rapidly-growing company
  • 401(k) match (US-based employees)
  • Health insurance (US-based employees) and other medical benefits for international employees (like a health and wellness stipend)
  • Paid family leave
  • Three weeks of vacation, plus a week off around the December holidays
  • A 1-month sabbatical for every three years you stay at Podia
  • Work from anywhere with an internet connection
  • A professional development credit
  • Annual team retreats with all expenses paid

We’ve been around since 2014, are a profitable company, have the greatest customers in the world, and a team that will stop at nothing to help our creators win.

If that sounds like something you want to be part of, we want to hear from you.

THE DARL está buscando un especialista en SEO para unirse a nuestro equipo en crecimiento.

El empleo es full-time y remoto. El postulante trabajará a la par del desarrollador y será responsable de: estrategia e implementación, optimización para mejorar la estructura del website, la construcción de la página, el contenido, las listas de palabras clave y la redacción SEO. Debe investigar, identificar y establecer asociaciones con sitios web autorizados para generar link-building. A su vez, optimizar PPC keywords, gestionar el 100% de las campañas SEO, generar informes de clasificación y realizar auditorías del sitio. Es su responsabilidad revisar y ampliar los modelos de marketing existentes para reunir clientes potenciales. 

Se requiere:

  • Excelente dominio del inglés 
  • Actitud proactiva y resolutiva
  • Disponibilidad inmediata para comenzar a trabajar 
  • Experiencia en SEO (excluyente)

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CodeCombat is looking for a Marketing Director to oversee the Marketing function and to scale CodeCombat Online Classes. This is a growth-marketing-focused role offering both breadth and autonomy, from the tactical to the strategic. You'll be optimizing across the user funnel, from initial user acquisition and conversion to retention and loyalty, working closely with product, sales, and operations to show data-driven results. If you are a multi-disciplinary executor who's itching to iterate and have experience scaling at startup speeds, we want to hear from you!

This is a remote role reporting directly to CodeCombat's CEO and managing one direct report.

Who We Are

CodeCombat is seeking to reinvent the way that computer science is taught, both at home and in the classroom. We’re focused on gamifying the classroom and home learning environments to create a more effective and engaging space for children to learn computer science. In other words–we teach coding with video games! Our programming games are sold to schools and parents around the world.

We are a small, tight-knit team dedicated to providing an enjoyable, meaningful place to work. Team members pursue a healthy work/life balance with flexible working hours. All of our team members work remotely from all around the world, with concentrations in San Francisco and Beijing.

Our Values

Our work is purposeful.

We bring our personal best every day, because our game-based learning can be life-changing for young people.

Strength comes from interdependence.

We recognize that each of us is central to the mission of CodeCombat. We know our differences create strength and resilience. We engage one another with respect for who we are, not only what we do. We create community with intention, because we need each other–and because it's fun.

Kind, not just "nice".

We don't let fear of not being "nice" get in the way of the direct communication that underpins healthy relationships. We build strong connections through honest dialogue, even when the conversations are difficult.

Structure can be liberating.

Transparent processes let us focus on making the right decisions–and they create channels for diverse voices to speak. Eliminate information silos and shadow structures; create known communication channels and clear responsibilities.

We can operate at any speed.

We’re thoughtful about how fast we go. We pay attention when the lights change. Sometimes we walk.

Learning and growth go hand-in-hand.

Every experience is an opportunity to learn, and our team is growing every day. When we think we know it all, it means we have more to learn.

What You'll Do

  • Lead the Marketing function (currently one direct report)
  • Own CodeCombat's Online Classes line of business, scaling it from dozens to thousands of subscribers
  • Create and execute an overall marketing strategy to drive growth across a variety of channels, including some of: paid search, paid social, product marketing, referral marketing, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, strategic partnerships, community building, and PR
  • Work closely with the sales team on demand generation for schools and districts through inside sales
  • Create go-to-market launch strategies alongside key stakeholders to effectively roll out key product launches
  • Holistically analyze performance data across the entire user journey to optimize marketing-, sales-, and product-related funnel stages
  • Develop and scope expansion strategies in current and growth markets, keeping a strong pulse on industry trends and continually scouting and updating a comprehensive landscape survey of business development opportunities

Who You Are

  • Capable of meeting most of CodeCombat's Marketing Director competencies
  • Cutting-edge expertise in paid social, paid search, referral marketing, or other acquisition channels suitable for reaching parents
  • Generalist marketing skills across many channels
  • Excellent analytical skills and experience applying them to marketing strategy and execution
  • Able to work both broadly, collaborating on many projects with many teammates, and deeply, thoroughly executing on high-impact marketing processes
  • Passionate about CodeCombat’s vision of evolving education through game-based learning
  • Comfortable operating in a fast-paced early-stage startup environment

CodeCombat is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for our team members.

¡THE DARL está buscando un gerente de Productor / influencer para unirse a nuestro equipo en crecimiento!

Este rol será responsable de la producción de podcast, reclutamiento de invitados y producción de contenido recurrente. Este rol garantizará que todos los contenidos se creen y publiquen a tiempo con las especificaciones y canales adecuados a un excelente nivel. Esta posición creará un flujo de trabajo continuo para el equipo de diseño y, a su vez, será responsable de implementar y mantener las mejores prácticas en términos de contenido. Este trabajo requiere que el candidato sea creativo, analítico y con interés en oportunidades de aprendizaje. El candidato ideal es un comunicador fuerte, capaz de trabajar en equipo, recibir comentarios y aplicarlos.

Responsabilidades: Contribuir a conceptos y campañas creativas, incluyendo idear y colaborar en conceptos como liderazgo mientras que trabaja eficazmente junto al equipo de diseño, construye y mantiene una moral y unidad fuertes. Ayude a garantizar que todos los proyectos se entreguen a tiempo y dentro del alcance. Propio cronograma del proyecto, cronogramas y documentación, según sea necesario.

Se requiere:

  • Excelente dominio del inglés energético
  • Actitud resolutiva y proactiva
  • Experiencia en producción digital

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Buscamos a una persona que tenga experiencia gestionando cuentas de Amazon Seller:

  • Gestión de catálogo
  • Programa Paneuropeo
  • Amazon SEO
  • Amazon PPC

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Será responsable de: estrategia e implementación, optimización para mejorar la estructura del website, la construcción de la página, el contenido, las listas de palabras clave y la redacción SEO. Debe investigar, identificar y establecer asociaciones con sitios web autorizados para generar link-building. Optimizar PPC keywords, gestionar el 100% de las campañas SEO, generando informes de clasificación y realizando auditorías del sitio. Es su responsabilidad revisar y ampliar los modelos de marketing existentes para reunir clientes potenciales.

Se requiere:

  • Excelente dominio del inglés energético
  • Actitud extrovertida y positiva
  • Disponibilidad inmediata para comenzar a trabajar

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Marketing Manager - Job Description

The internet has democratized information but billions of people still dream of financial equality. At IOV Labs we are planting the seeds for a new global economy.

Our low-cost, highly secure, easy to use platforms hardness and extend the power of Bitcoin giving everyone the tools to create and protect wealth on an international scale. With our platforms RSK, RIF and Taringa people everywhere will have the power to create and manage digital identity, build reputations, enforce agreements and engage in commercial transactions without intermediaries.

We dream of a world in which individuals control their data and privacy, participate in a sharing economy and thrive.

Join our team to be part of the next technological revolution and help us build the internet of the future.

As a marketing manager you will be directly working with our platform Taringa!

Taringa! is the top Spanish-speaking social platform in the world with 30 million registered users and over 1000 active online communities. Taringa! allows users to share their interests in topic-based channels where they can create long and short form post with rich text, images, video and more.

As a Marketing Manager you will:

  • Design and implement comprehensive marketing strategies for Taringa! in order to achieve its business goals
  • Establish brand positioning, identify target audiences, and develop marketing plans with specific objectives across different channels and segments
  • Lead the execution of marketing programs from start to finish, leveraging internal support and driving collaboration
  • Analyze customer insights, consumer trends, market analysis, and marketing best practices to build successful strategies
  • Create, maintain, and conduct analytics reporting across multiple platforms and extract key insights for future campaign development and go-to-market strategies, complete with formal proposal and recommendations on tactics.


  • Work closely with key Taringa! stakeholders (strategic leader, product manager, community manager) to define marketing programs and plans for the different audiences
  • Gather customer and market insights to develop outreach strategies, increase customer convertions, and generate more qualified leads / users
  • Identify effectiveness and impact of current marketing initiatives with tracking and analysis, and optimized accordingly
  • Develop creative briefs and guide creative direction to meet objetives for all advertising and public-facing communications campaigns including print and digital media
  • Develop and implement a marketing content strategy for the different channels, newsletter social media, etc.
  • Coordinate social media strategy and implementation working together with community manager
  • Stay up-to-date with developments and generate new ideas to draw audience's attention
  • Define strategic participation at key events / conferences (coordinate all aspects of Taringa! participation in key events)
  • Coordinate public relations activities
  • Undertake continuous analysis of competitive environment and trends

Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:

  • Bachelor's degree in marketing, business, or related field
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills
  • Proven experience developing marketing plans in campaigns
  • Strong project management multitasking and decision-making skills
  • Metric-driven marketing mind with eye of creativity
  • Bilingual English language proficiency
  • Team work abilities
  • Passion to connect with current and future customers

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  • Manejo de palabras clave para el posicionamiento SEO

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